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-Please refrain from using eye makeup (Maskara) before visiting the shop.

-Before coming, apply sunscreen or eye cream as much as possible to avoid around your eyelids.

-Please don't use the viewer before you arrive.

-If you have LASIK or LASEK, you must undergo treatment after at least one year.

-If you have a semi-conductor eyeliner treatment,

 you need to receive the second retouch after the exfoliation has been eliminated.

-If you have a perm on your eyelashes, you should be in charge after more than a month.

-If you have recently suffered from conjunctivitis or have symptoms of frequent filling and drying of your eyes,

 it is recommended that you do not receive treatment.

 You should give sufficient rest before undergoing treatment in a healthy condition.



-If you habitually touch or pull up or down the eyelashes immediately after receiving an extension,

 the glue that is not completely dry can stick to the new eyelashes, which can be ground and glue can become more foreign.

-Allow the eyelashes-only glue to stay out of contact with the wash and water for about 4 hours until completely dry.

-When cleansing, carefully remove the eye area by placing a dedicated water-soluble eyeliner on the cotton swab,

 and take care not to contact the glare with cleansing oil or cleansing cream.

-Do not use mascara or eyelash straightener after care.

-Do not touch or pull the eyelashes with your hands and use the lashes for eyelashes only

 if you have tight eyelashes or discomfort.

 (Rubbing the eyes with a oily hand or pulling and rubbing the eyelashes will cause several eyelashes to fall.)

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